Protests against Children’s Right to have Cell Phones

Modern technology has changed how people communicate with each other, and helped them connect with their friends and family. Children of age group 9-15 should not be allowed to have cell phones because they aren’t responsible enough. If they call an unknown number, they could talk with scammers and hackers, which could be dangerous. Also, it could easily distract them and give them the urge to waste time by playing video games. This makes the use of cell phones quite unnecessary.

Cell phones are commonly used for communication, but sometimes this could lead to danger for the children. They could misuse it and lose integrity. Children might call unknown strangers, who might ask them for personal information. Also, they might pick up scamming phone calls. They could easily get disturbed and get distracted to relax by playing games. Children aren’t responsible enough to handle a phone, and they start the trust of their parents by lying to them about what they’re doing with the phone.

In other people’s opinion, children should be given a phone. They think children are responsible enough and can control their time. They need it to contact parents if there’s an emergency, or to keep in touch with their friends. They can also use it for research on projects. The parents think they can teach kids to have self-control and self-maintenance. Some children, who are responsible, might be able to use their time wisely and use the cell phones to enhance their life.

Children are not old enough to be able to manage their time. They shouldn’t be trusted with a phone because they might lose their integrity. Cell phones are expensive items, so it would not be good if children accidentally lost them. If they really need to call a friend, they could borrow their parent’s phone. In times of emergency, they could borrow someone else’s phone to contact their parents. If they needed to do research, they could use the computer instead of a phone. Looking at a cell phone’s small screen could damage their vision, so they should use computers, which have a large screen. Overall, it is not a rational decision to let children have their own phones.