I am a System Performance Engineer and passionate in performance optimization to make things faster, reliable and scalable.

I am mostly dedicated in the following areas.

  • Provide performance PoC(proof of concept) to help design high performance product
  • Root cause analysis for performance issue
  • Recommend tunings/code changes to resolve the performance issue
  • Automate the performance work to improve efficiency
  • Create performance tools including workload profiler, performance tracer and data visualization

The site is created to share

  • learning process on performance engineering
  • helpful resources and handy tools

and note

  • personal growth and thoughts from daily work

I would be glad if you find anything useful.

I enjoy learning new technology and the following are the technical skill track in recent years.

Software Development and Testing

  • 2000-2006 : C, C++, ASP.NET, C#, web application development
  • 2006-2007 : Java, backend development
  • 2007-2011 : Storage, LAN/SAN, AIX/Linux/Solaris/Windows, Oracle/DB2/MS-SQL/MS-Exchange, filesystem/volume manager/high availability

Performance Engineering

  • 2011-2020

    • Performance benchmark using TPC-C, TPC-DS, VMmark, vxbench, iozone, etc
    • Performance test automation with shell/awk script, python, NodeJS, MongoDB, Highcharts, etc
    • Tools development with shell script, python, Grafana, Prometheous, etc
    • Performance PoC/RCA in NetBackup, VxVM/VxFS/VCS/VxDMP, VMware and Docker container environment
  • 2021-Present

    • Performance benchmark using fio, vdbench, sysbench etc
    • Performance PoC in baremetal, Openshift and cloud-native Kubernetes storage environment(e.g. Portworx, Ceph, OCS, Gluster, etc)
    • Performance issue RCA using perf, ftrace, systemtap, blktrace, oprofile, etc
    • Performance automation with Golang, Flask, AngularJS, Jenkins and Docker

And, the journey continues..

I can be contacted by email for any questions or personal messages.