In the Northern and Southern Dynasties of china, there lived a heroine named Hua Mulan. Mulan was born in a small village, and she lived with her veteran father, who served in war for the emperor, and her kind hearted mother. Mulan also had an nice little sister. From a very young age, Mulan developed a great interest in the life of a warrior. In his spare time, Mulan’s father trained her in fighting skills at the riverside, everything from riding a horse to shooting an arrow, from swinging a sword to wielding a staff.

One day, in the small village, an shocking event happened. Boai Khan’s army was invading the emperor’s land once again. Guards of the emperor said that one man from every family must volunteer to fight in the war. Mulan knew what this meant. Father was the only man in the family, so he had to join the army. But if he joined and fought, he may never come back. Mulan knew what was necessary. She would take her father’s place in the military. She took his armor, sword, and horse. At dawn, she rode to the military camp.

During her training, Mulan overcame many troubles. She didn’t want to shower with men, so she offered to be on night guard duty. When she wanted to take a bath, she would do it at the lake. But it also made her a tough warrior. Her fighting skills surpassed any men. When the soldiers were forced to carry two buckets of water up a mountain, Mulan was the first to reach the peak.

After a few months of training, the commander said that it was time to enter the war. They were losing the moment they started. Khan’s army even had fireballs. While the rest of the army struggled to defend themselves, mulan targeted on Khan. When Khan saw Mulan coming, he hopped on a horse and ran away. Mulan darted after him but was soon lost in a canyon. Suddenly, the witch came and shot an arrow at Mulan. Mulan died for a lie can only live so long. But the chi inside her wasn’t held back. Like a phoenix, Mulan rebirthed. She revealed her true identity. When she went back, she grabbed a few helmets with her. She put the helmets on a rock so they looked like soldiers. She hid behind the rock and shot an arrow at the enemy. The enemy saw the fake soldiers and launched a fireball at them. This fireball caused a snowstorm down from the mountain. Though Mulan saved her general and the rest of the army, the leader thought she was an imposter. But when Mulan said that Khan was planning a sneak attack on the emperor, her friends believed in her and made her their leader. They rushed back to the palace. Using her chi, Mulan defeated the enemy and saved the emperor. The emperor, who owed his life to Mulan, asked her what reward she wanted. Mulan said that she wanted to apologize to her parents for stealing their armor and sword. After that, she would take care of them. The emperor granted the wish after making Mulan an officer in the army.

People admire Mulan for her bravery, honesty, loyalty to the army, and filial piety to her parents.